Have you wondered?

What's so special about your official birthday?

Is it not just like any other day of your life?

Well most of you would comment - NO!

It's special. Because;

Today is the day of celebration of life and the people who are its integral part. Wishes are made and big dreams are dreamt. Today you believe in every positive thought. You play, take time out to love and be loved. You eat to relish. You are generous to others and yourself and you appreciate every moment of life. Because a few years back, it was today, that your wonderful life journey began. You gift yourself the parcel of content, happiness, contemplation and feel-good factor.

But can't these all attributes be ingrained to all the remaining 364 days of the year, when you breathe in tranquillity?

Of course, it can. All it needs is a change of perception and your life will be jeweled in an extraordinary way.

So don’t limit all these beauties of mind and heart to just one single day, because the ratio of 1:365 is too petty in comparison to the life we live every day.

Few of my amigo readers might contradict with the view that everyday's celebration might deter the level of enthusiasm related to that one specific day. But as deciphered earlier, its all in mind. If everyday we gift our life with specialties, goodness and make the most of it, wouldn't that one special day be something extraordinarily special? This way we raise the benchmark of happiness set in our life, reduce the stress level and create more space for positivity.

But all said, does not mean partying each day like you do on our birthdays. It means to wake up with that intoxicating feeling of jubilant life and liveliness; you wake up with on your name day. Cherish your existence, like you cherished as a child. Do you still remember your childhood days when the overdose of excitement would make you hop and play every moment? If yes, then that's exactly how you should live your today and tomorrow.

But is it that easy to live everyday in a special way?

Believe me. Yes it is! All you need to do is:

  • Say “I Love You” to yourself every morning and to those you really do. It’s contagious, but for good.
  • Shape your hobbies into dreams and dreams into reality.
  • Be upbeat, be enthusiastic and uplift the spirits of those around you.
  • Don’t react but respond to situations. Life will not always move in the direction set by you.
  • Don’t let others label you as who you are. Be the governor of your own life. There will always be someone better than you, and you will always be better than someone.
  • Have a goal in life directed by timeline. Goal for the day, for the week, for the month or for the year.
  • Life is simply too short to lament the past or fantasize the future. What is today is real. So feel it and live it.
  • For being happy, be fit and healthy. A healthy mind and heart resides in only healthy body.
  • Comprehend the difference between “urgent” and “important” and thus learn to prioritize.

You are no super human, so inculcate the change steadily. Practice to preach the above pointers in your 24 hours schedule every day and feel the difference for real.

"Honor life. Take a step back, reflect and groove on the miracle of being alive. Because everyday is your birthday." - Gunjan Rehal


Written By Arjun Gaur
Founder, Author, & Strategic Life Coach

©Copyright 2017 Lifez Honour - Finding The Real Me

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